World today become a very scammy place. People are trying to sell you things which you can get for free.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an app which allows you to send e-mails. You can use variables to put there some custom texts, to send personalised e-mails. Why would anyone want to pay for this? You can open Mail app and just write an e-mail and send it. It’s that simple!

  1. Glovo

Glovo allows you to pay somebody to bring you groceries or just order a pizza from the restaurant. The most ridiculous idea ever. Since always every pizzeria has its own delivery service which is much cheaper for them than paying Glovo to take 30% (!!) of the revenue. Glovo is not doing anything more than just taking items from one place to another. You can also walk to the restaurant for FREE. No one would never ever would like to pay for service like this.

  1. Buffer

This is clearly a scam company. They want you to charge for something which you can get for FREE (lol). Buffer can add social posts on instagram, facebook and more for you. PERIOD. Why would I need this? When I want to post something I’m just adding a photo, text and voilà! It’s done. You can add posts on Facebook and Instagram out of charge. “YES , BUT BUFFER CAN ALSO SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS” So what? Facebook and Twitter also got such features. You don’t have to pay for this.

  1. Fastmail

Fastmail charges $4 per month per user and gives you an e-mail service. I’ve no idea who is buying this and why. Everybody just uses GMail for free. GMail is “the best”. Nice UI, mobile app and it’s very popular.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs showing you bunch of useless statistics about your page performance in search engines like Google. I’m not convinced to this one. We have Google Search Console which can be used for free, and it’s created by Google who also invented a Google Search, so I think they know what they are doing. Ahrefs charges $99/mo for showing you charts and things you can get for free in Google Search Console!

  1. SimpleAnalytics

This is weird, why would anyone want to use paid analytics which are the poorer version of Google Analytics from Google? Who is buying this?

  1. InkDrop

Paid note-taking app. I’m not sure how it looks on Windows machines but on macOS we got “Notes” app which can be used with anyone who uses macOS or iOS. I think it’s not a problem, because these days everyone uses Apple.

  1. 1Password

Keep all passwords in one place and take out $99 per year from the wallet for using it. 💸 So generally it does what you think. 1Password gives you a space where you can save all your passwords. Crazy idea, everybody who I know uses Notes app to save them or just using built-in password manager in their web browsers. All of those are for free, so I don’t know how 1Password makes money. If somebody is working there, then they need to think about looking for a new work.

  1. Bannerly

I don’t even get what it is. You add an image, text or chart and use API to generate it. LOL Looks like the dumbest idea ever. Who is the target, 6yo children?