Jakub Pomykała

Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Java Developer

Web Developer

from Poland 🇵🇱

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Solution Architect

I help in bridging the gap between business problems and technology solutions by finding the best tech solution.

Java Developer

I create custom software applications like management platforms, booking services, ERP systems and others.

Web Developer

With help of my friends I can deliver unique web application from scratch to working system.

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I build custom software to help businesses in solving their issues.

Jakub Pomykała

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Jakub Pomykała


👨🏼‍💻 Software Developer

💎 +5y experience

💡 Well-organized

⚒ Contractor

Contact details

I respond to 90% of messages, within 1 business day.

Please leave your contact information, I will get back to you.

Please leave your contact information, I will get back to you.


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CDN | Subscriptions | Files management | Work automation

Easy & collaborative translation management system. SimpleLocalize.io has been created to give you the ability to edit translations without rebuilding the application.

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VendingMetrics screenshot
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IoT | Data warehousing | Maps | SMS | Progressive Web Application

VendingMetrics is an easy way to monitor vending machines and keep eye on product shortages. The system gathers data from +1200 on IoT devices every day.



Geosearch | Maps | Geolocalization | Progressive Web Application

Discover and gather the most beautiful places in the world. You will discover many of the treasures of your immediate area which you had no idea about.

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Stripe Payments | Financial Management | Subscriptions support

Kozing is a platform where you can easily perform sales in the team by adding products you want to sell and letting each parent enter their individual orders.

TargetPeople CodeRunner


PayPal Payments | Subscriptions support | Machine Learning & Big Data

TargetPeople is a platform which is taking advantage of machine learning, which helps you to find clients for your product.

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My advantages

  • I'm a well-organized person and, I use professional tools to speed up the development process.
  • If you are planning to create a small system you can buy only a few hours of my work on a certain task.
  • I host every implemented system on professional cloud service which guarantees performance on any level.
  • I use battle-tested and trusted by many technologies which guarantee easiness of future support.

Mobile apps
In past I was an Android developer. Currently, I do not provide mobile development on a contract 😄

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