Jakub Pomykała

I’m a software developer from Poland 🇵🇱. Full-stack web development is my primary focus, but I also like to dabble with design and mobile apps. I like to visit unusual places, take photos, and write posts about something what I think is unique and useful.


something Q4 2019 🤩

$0 / month

I’m preparing something new! Contact with me if you are selling digital content, and get beta access! Second iteration: September 1 2019! 👨‍🚀

simplelocalize SimpleLocalize.io

$160 / month and growing

Collaborative internationalization tool for developers, offers auto-discovering i18n keys in source code , cloud editor and CDN for fetching translated data.

placeflare PlaceFlare

free / no ads

Gathering cools places around the world, sorting by distance, handpicked, no adverts, no restaurants, no hotels, no sponsored content.

vending-metrics VendingMetrics

$3000 / month and growing

Telemetry system for snack and coffee machines. Byte-level craftsmen in Java, super interesting from the software development level.

where-is-my-bus Where is my bus?

free / no ads

iOS transportation application for my hometown. I made it for my sister’s request because the buses are often late and she didn’t know how long she needs to wait.

true-or-false True or False

$200 - $300 / month ($22000 in total since launch)

The game for Android, where you answer to true/false questions. Supports multiplayer up to 4 player via Google Play Services. Currently game has +5 000 000 downloads.

Open Source

🍃 Spring Higher-Order Components

Library for Spring Boot web projects. Fills the thin gap between the framework and common web application features like e-mail sending, S3 uploading, request logging, rate limiter etc.

📸 Javagram

Project created to test Java 11+ API, I do not recommend to use it because it’s not allowed to use that kind of software on Instagram but the implementation is cool.

My everyday tools

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