Jakub Pomykała in 2021

Hi, I'm Jakub!


bannerly Bannerly.io

Image automation tool, for batch images generation, allows you to scale visuals based on templates created in Bannerly Template Editor. Java 17+, Canvas, NextJS

Started in 2021

simplelocalize SimpleLocalize.io

Translation management platform, where you can keep your i18n content. Offers CLI for finding i18n terms from your project files, cloud editor and CDN for hosting translation data. Java 11+, GraalVM, NextJS

Started in 2017

placeflare PlaceFlare.com

Hand-picked of worth visit places around the world, sorting by distance (Apache Lucene), no adverts, no restaurants, no hotels, no sponsored content. Java 8+, NextJS, Apache Lucene

Started in 2015

where-is-my-bus Where is my bus?

iOS transportation application for my hometown. I made it for my sister’s request because the buses are often late, and she didn’t know how long she needs to wait. 😄

Started in 2016

true-or-false True or False

The game for Android, where you answer to true/false questions. Supports multiplayer up to 4 players via Google Play Services. Currently, game has +5 000 000 downloads.

Started in 2013

Open Source

🍃 Spring Higher-Order Components

Library for Spring Boot web projects. Fills the thin gap between the framework and common web application features like e-mail sending, S3 uploading, request logging, rate limiter etc.

⚡️ SimpleLocalize CLI

Command Line Interface created for SimpleLocalize.io. It’s great because it uses GraalVM to build native executables and in the same time it allows me to write code in Java 11. CLI is ready for enterprise usage. Code is open sourced and CLI is offered on MIT licensee.

🌍 awesome-i18n

List of awesome libraries, articles and community tips for web localization and internationalization. Hit the star button on this repository and add your resources. You will be really shocked how many libraries for react localization are out there!

📸 Javagram

Project created to test Java 11+ API, I do not recommend using it because it’s not allowed to use that kind of software on Instagram, but the implementation is cool.

🤖 Sentiment Analysis Experiment

Did you know that sentiment analysis is LESS accurate than a coin toss (accuracy 50%)? That’s terrifying if your brand makes strategic decisions based on such analytics. I made an experiment with Core NLP, Java 11+ and many IMDB reviews to test it. Checkout the results!

Cool services and apps worth paying

  • MyMavenRepo - private Maven repository
  • CodeClimate - measuring maintainability and code quality
  • Alfred - improves productivity
  • Magnet (cool website!) - must have for 4k display owners