Jakub Pomykała

I’m a software developer, who loves back-end and data visualization on front-end. Interested in software architecture, own SaaS projects, and data charting. Passionate about JVM internals. Disappointed with the quality of software written these days, hates long methods and overcomplicated code. Occasionally I take photos, and write posts about something what I think is unique and useful. I like to play in Sketch and create UI designs even though I’m color blind. 😎


simplelocalize SimpleLocalize.io

Translation management platform, where you can keep your i18n content. Offers CLI for finding i18n terms from your project files, cloud editor and CDN for hosting translation data. Java 11+ & GraalVM

placeflare PlaceFlare

Gathering cools places around the world, sorting by distance (Apache Lucene), handpicked, no adverts, no restaurants, no hotels, no sponsored content.

vending-metrics VendingMetrics

Telemetry system for snack and coffee machines. Byte-level craftsman in Java 11+

where-is-my-bus Where is my bus?

iOS transportation application for my hometown. I made it for my sister’s request because the buses are often late, and she didn’t know how long she needs to wait.

true-or-false True or False

The game for Android, where you answer to true/false questions. Supports multiplayer up to 4 players via Google Play Services. Currently, game has +5 000 000 downloads.

Open Source

🍃 Spring Higher-Order Components

Library for Spring Boot web projects. Fills the thin gap between the framework and common web application features like e-mail sending, S3 uploading, request logging, rate limiter etc.

⚡️ SimpleLocalize-CLI

Command Line Interface created for my SaaS which is SimpleLocalize.io. It’s great because it uses GraalVM to build native executables and in the same time it allows me to write code in Java 11.

📸 Javagram

Project created to test Java 11+ API, I do not recommend using it because it’s not allowed to use that kind of software on Instagram but the implementation is cool.

My everyday tools

Cool services from my bookmarks

Know better alternatives? Let me know, @jakub_pomykala