• How to plan your work on a side project. My Experience.

    I meet many people that would like to learn programming to build something, or they already know how to create things but because of lack of time or willingness are not realizing their plans. If you are the one of this person I got only one piece of advice for you. Stop talking, start doing something to make it happen.

  • Internationalization tool for yahoo/react-intl

    Are you struggling with keeping your app translations up to date and your dreams are filled with empty keys to translate? No worries, we know that feeling very well. To make the whole localisation process easier, we created a simple and effective solution which will improve the quality of translations and help you keep them in track!

  • Setup custom CodeBuild environment with Amazon ECR

    Since faster Java development by Oracle, every tool we use these days need to follow up for every Java release or just support only LTS versions like Amazon. CodeBuild is AWS-hosted tool for building software applications and 3 months after stable Java 11 release still it does not support anything newer than Java 9. Time is up, now we will build our own build environment which will support Java 11 and Java 12 in future right after stable release.

  • Contact form on static page with Amazon Lambda Function

    If you are here I assume that you probably don’t know PHP nor Wordpress, and so you decided to built a static web page or use some static page generator like Jekyll, Grav or GatsbyJS. Right now your obvious option to provide ability to create a contact from is using a formspree.io or something similar. I’m going to show you how to write your own contact form ‘backend’ in very short time.

  • Authenticated websocket connection with Spring Boot and ReactJS

    Websockets are an easy way to update data on clients side without making request to server where there is no new data. It gives “wow effect” for clients and lower server costs for you.