My photo library

This is my photo feed where I post my favourites. It’s easier to keep the best photos here than in iCloud library. I use Nikon D60 with 50mm Nikkor lens and 18-55mm lens (default one), but many of my photos I also took with iPhone 6s. Feel free to use them, and if it is possible please add a link to my website. Thanks!


My favourites

Road somewhere in West Pomerania province Drone photo taken 500m above the ground, that little black dot is my car. Somewhere in West Pomerania province

Motorcycle Spain The largest castle in Silesia. Castle Książ, Poland

Motorcycle Spain We were wandering around the old town. Alicante, Spain

Park Güell Park Güell is the refelection of Gaudi’s artitic plenitude, the park was built from 1900 to 1914. On the photo there is just a small amount of the park view, but I love this landscape. Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Train Station Next stop, Barcelona. 😊 Train station, Alicante, Spain

Czech Republic - red roofs Red roofs. Praga, Czech Republic

Czech Republic - buldings Great architecture. Praga, Czech Republic

Szczecin Sextant

My hometown. Szczecin, Poland

Szczecin Sextant

Looks like Vice City theme. 😀 Szczecin, Poland

Way to Tortuga

Way to Trolltunga in November. 🏔 Trolltunga, Norway


Me on Trolltunga. Trolltunga, Norway

Zamek Chojnik

We were visiting castles near Wrocław, this is the view from one of them. Chojnik Castle, Poland, see on PlaceFlare

Świątynia Wang

Wang Temple bought by King Frederick William IV and transferred from Vang (Norway) to Poland in 1842. Karpacz, Poland

See on PlaceFlare


L’oceanogràfic opened in 2003, it’s the largest complex of this kind in Europe, Valencia, Spain, see on PlaceFlare

Pompei Naples

Pompei was buried under 5m of volcanic ash in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. 🌋 Pompei, Naples, Italy

Rome Italy

All roads lead to rome. 🗾 Rome, Italy

More photos soon, I need more to find them in the iCloud library… In meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram. 😉